WEX International Trade and Sustainable development Agency

Cultural intelligence

Examples of failed businesses or abandoned cooperation due to cultural misunderstandings abound. WEX practices cultural intelligence to fulfill your contracts and grow your relationships abroad.

Implementing Cultural Intelligence
Through its experience with diplomatic affairs, WEX also discusses the relationships and strategies from an intercultural perspective and the challenges of mutual understanding. The management of contract and cooperation negotiations, management of intercultural risks such as formal misconduct, inappropriate gifts or meals according to local customs, etc., knowledge of the country’s culture, watching current events and trends, practicing the language and the lifestyle of its interlocutors and contributing to securing, sustaining and developing activity. This is why we speak of cultural intelligence, which becomes inseparable from economic intelligence.
WEX offers expertise in cultural intelligence, support in negotiations conduct and signing of contracts as well as training in the field of intercultural management.

Communicate in the Proper Language
A real substantive negotiation always ends in the language of the proposal recipient. As perfectly speaking another language is not possible for everyone, WEX ensures your business interpreter and liaison during conferences, training, negotiations, meetings and international teleconferences.
WEX has a quality partnership that maintains strict confidentiality for translation of English, Russian, Spanish, etc., for your administrative, accounting, commercial, legal, technical, literary and advertising documents.