WEX International Trade and Sustainable development Agency

Develop your digital territories

The Internet opens up territories to unlimited work. It is for this reason that WEX puts the development of these digital territories at the heart of your international development strategy.

Web Marketing: Developing your Digital Territories.
On the Internet, as with other media, the strategy comes before the tactic. Initially, WEX analyzes with you your current Internet strategy, the web uses of the target country, your investment priorities and business goals. Then, WEX defines your web marketing strategy and guides you depending on the country to various methods:

  • E-mailing, online marketing campaigns, affiliate programs.
  • Sponsored advertising, banners,...
  • SEO and website promotion.
  • Search engines, directories as europages.co.uk
  • Blogs and mini-site events.
  • Buzz and viral marketing.
  • Contests, customer loyalty offers.

Your website: Make your Global Showcase
Using translation and adaptation to usability and uses for Internet users in the target country, WEX produces, in the language of the country, your optimized web content for referencing and creating topics in your site, so that each visitor can quickly find the information they are seeking. WEX integrates ICT (Web TV, video tutorials, electronic documentation, instant audio-video messaging) to sell, train, troubleshoot and monitor remotely its industrial facilities. ICT limits personnel movement and creates and enhances a permanent customer relationship.
WEX has partners that provide showcase sites, editorial sites, e-commerce sites and site events. These websites include next generation developments. Their web design, programming language and architecture optimize SEO and direct use of mobile phones.

Mobile Internet: Relationship Marketing
Depending on the specific network and mobile equipment used in targeted countries, WEX advises its customers in choosing a mobile Internet strategy through:

  • An audit of the present and future network and wireless equipment for the target country or countries and the choice between the mobile application solution, mobile site and Web app.
  • The creation of features and content and the multi-language development.
  • The technical development of applications related to electronic payments and transactions, distribution of media content, e-commerce and e-services.

Social networking: Create your Communities
To develop and attract foreign communities to the activities of your company or organization, WEX organizes your presence strategy and your e-reputation on popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter...), and professional social networks (LinkedIn, Viadeo...). WEX, tracks usage, builds and promotes your multi-language profiles (titles, text, keywords, photos, affiliation) and trains you to use them effectively.