WEX International Trade and Sustainable development Agency

Establish your market

You have made your first export sales. Now, it is up to your persistent effort to continue and achieve your sales and activity goals. WEX structures your approach to firmly establish you in your foreign market.

Step 3 - Sales and Distribution from your Country.
This seemingly easy step requires very strict bilingual organization and a periodic presence in the target country for the monitoring, facilitation and promotion of sales.
Therefore, WEX will assist you with:

  • Creating a network of regular import customers and initiate a marketing communication approach in the target market.
  • Facilitate the export unit within your company and operate tools for reporting and customer monitoring.

Step 4 - Structuring your Distribution in the Target Country.
As your sales grow in the target country, WEX assists you to find distributors and build a local network. This step will allow you to increase your product introduction and turnover, increase your margins and expand your geographical area of distribution.

Step 5 - Implement the Activities Locally.
Necessity or opportunity? The question regarding the establishment of activities in France, Africa, Russia and South America may arise for tax purposes, customs, controlling production costs, etc. In all cases, we must react quickly and appreciate the opportunity presented or the necessity of the situation.
WEX assists you to:

  • Measure the local risk for the company, incubate the project,
  • Find industrial partners.
  • Open a representative office, subsidiary, company established according to local law, joint venture, franchise, factory,…