WEX International Development

Export diagnostic

If you are planning to export to France, Europe, Africa and Russia or you are dissatisfied with your current results in these markets, WEX performs your export diagnostic, which will reveal the current capacity of your business and what is needed to achieve your goals in the target market.

Initial Diagnostic
The factors "triggering" exports are numerous: a coincidence, an opportunity, a customer who exports, the arrival of a foreign competitor on your market, the desire to diversify…
In its initial diagnostic, WEX identifies these "triggering" factors, then validates the arguments in favor of your exportation project: increase in sales, saturated domestic market, niche market, deployment of product lines, flow of secondary product lines, taking on a leadership role in a still untouched foreign market,… WEX also analyzes the positive momentum that naturally takes place on a recruitment level (staff motivation, development of career opportunities in different countries,...).
Once the strategic dimensions of the project are clarified, WEX evaluates the market potential and tests your opportunities with its network of local experts.
The final step of WEX initial diagnostic consists of adjusting your project according to the strengths and weaknesses of your business and to identify the key points of your future strategy for international development. The WEX initial diagnostic can be delivered with a budgeted action plan.
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Intermediate Diagnostic
If you are already present in a country or you are prospecting it for exportation or if you are not satisfied with the performance and profitability of your activities, WEX offers a diagnostic of the strengths and weaknesses of your business: current export organization and structure of the target market. In its export diagnostic, WEX recommends the actions and means to implement in order to refocus your activity and allow you to achieve your goals.
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