WEX International Trade and Sustainable development Agency


The equity gap is one of the major obstacles for the development of enterprises. For export, it is even more true. This is why WEX assists companies in the structuring of their own capital and research funding in order to make them more ambitious in their development and in their projects.

Search for assistance and foreign financing
As part of their export development, WEX advises and assists exporting companies in obtaining export subsidies. In addition to subsidies from the country of origin, WEX researches in the target territory, the public and private grants and guarantees distributed to foreign companies to invest in and to develop its activities.

Financing the Projects
Whether it’s a new factory, new product or service, increase in capacity, site re-development, mergers and acquisitions, WEX arranges to finance your projects in France, Europe, Africa and Russia.
WEX develops your Business plan, financial strategy and its fiscal impact on your project. If necessary, we look for institutional investors, venture capitalists and business angels. We can also find long-term and medium-term bank loans and organize the intervention of international lenders.

Prevent Financial Risks
In these work areas, WEX develops economic intelligence. We continuously collect economic, political and technological information necessary for assessing the reliability and the solvency of your prospects, as well as the risk involved in prospecting sales and sourcing.
In order to mitigate risks and strengthen guarantees of existing operations, WEX encourages exporting companies and their foreign subsidiaries to plan for, along with its lawyers, business engineers and insurance partners, a rigorous and legal approach for the establishment of contracts.