WEX International Trade and Sustainable development Agency


Good organization in the parent company is a big plus for its international success. However, being well-established and succeeding in its own country does not reveal much for the impeccable organization of its foreign subsidiaries. WEX determines the current state of your organization and helps you to optimize the operation of services and the logistics of your foreign subsidiaries.

Very often, the startup of an export subsidiary reveals many gaps in the efficiency and functioning of the enterprise. The coordination of Purchasing, Shipping, Logistics, Sales Administration, Finance, Marketing and Communications, mobilized in any operation of international trade, must be perfect. WEX adapts the organization of your subsidiaries in relation to local enterprises while maximizing their performance according to the criteria of the headquarters.

Through its network of specialized partners, WEX identifies for your foreign subsidiary the supplier capable of setting up and operating the entire fleet of equipment, necessary for operation that more closely suits your needs in the following areas:

  • Management of transportation flow and logistics.
  • Re-engineering process.
  • Deployment of information technology.
  • Overall process management.
  • Handling and storage.
  • Quality control and performance indicators monitoring.
  • Packaging, storage and shipping.
  • QHSE policy statement.